The UN's Under-secretary-general, Solheim, Has Backed A Ban On Chinese Foreign Trash.
Date : 2019-04-05

, deputy secretary-general of the United Nations, the United Nations environment program executive director Eric erik solheim, has had an interview with our reporter said that "foreign garbage" ban is a correct choice of China, "the Chinese government has every right, to protect their citizens from" foreign garbage "problems".

Solheim said the move is a good way to protect Chinese people from pollution and reduce health risks.

The government has a duty to protect the health of every citizen.

Previously, some people had said that China had restricted the entry of "foreign garbage".

Solheim also noted complaints from some countries in the media.

"But I think they got it wrong."

Erik solheim, said, this is an opportunity, reversed transmission countries that used to export to China waste, create better waste recycling and processing system, and now is the era of rapid development of science and technology, we can through the technology upgrading, with the aid of new technology to better recycling garbage.

He also said that in the past, for Europe, exporting waste to China was a relatively easy way to dispose of it.

So most countries are too lazy to think of a better solution.

But China's "foreign garbage" ban has forced them to think better.

Now some European leaders are beginning to think of new ways.

It is worth noting that "we should also avoid exporting these wastes to other poor countries, which themselves do not have a well-established waste disposal system."

"Solheim said.

It is understood that the ecological environment on April 19, issued the statement on adjustment > < import waste management catalog ", among them, scrap metal, scrap of 32 kinds of partial banned the import of solid waste will be.

This is the renewal of the ban on "foreign garbage" after China issued the reform and implementation plan of the import management system for the import and export of solid waste in China last July.