The First Cross-strait Paper Fair Will Open At The End Of This Month.
Date : 2019-04-06

March 24 to 26, 2018, the first cross-strait (xiamen) paper industry fair (hereinafter referred to as the "paper expo") will be held in xiamen culture and art center, art gallery, will be free and open to the public.
The first paper expo is the first time across the Taiwan strait to culture as the theme of the paper, a snare on both sides of the most innovative and representative paper art products, jointly create the set of the mainland first paper art culture creative ideas, works, technology, development and application of the industrial chain links such as brand exhibition, let the people on both sides through paper expo to have a deeper understanding of the traditional paper art culture.
It is understood that the paper overall exhibition area of 10000 square meters, the main display and activity area of 5500 square meters, from more than 150 enterprises, colleges, on both sides of the paper art master more than 100;
Exhibition will be around the layout of the bright, provide "theme of" principle, according to the industry classification, the paper art culture industry development direction are divided into: the culture of paper, paper art, on both sides of the paper art high-quality goods in xiamen, Taiwan paper art paper industry, China paper industry, creative arts comprehensive galleries etc. 6.
This paper expo will also be a point of experience activities, paper art mobile classroom, cross-strait peak BBS on paper industry, colleges and universities across the Taiwan straits creative paper art design contest, contest of parent-child play paper on both sides of the strait, creative activities such as market, has invited many famous creative people from exchanges across the Taiwan straits, close contact with the youth, youth, encourage and guide them to actively participate in the industry development, the formation of "universal participation and support from all walks of life" good industry development pattern.
Paper expo is 2018, the Taiwan affairs office of the ac key projects, by the state council's Taiwan affairs office, xiamen municipal people's government of Amoy area, xiamen municipal committee of communist youth league, common guidance technology research and development center in Taiwan, xiamen, Taiwan affairs office, cultural reform and development of radio and television news and publication, xiamen, xiamen city culture work leading group office, mutual support, fujian folk artist association, xiamen university culture creativity association, xiamen jointly organized by youth culture creativity association, the Taiwan association of origami.