Paper Display Stand Development And History
Date : 2019-04-08

Foreign market prospects

Corrugated paper display stands are a kind of POP (Point of Purchase) display stands, also known as corrugated paper POPs, and are a new application attempt of paper packaging products to transform advertising media. It has a direct impact on product sales.

From a functional point of view, the corrugated display racks should focus on a series of psychological activities such as attention, interest, desire, and memory before the consumers buy goods. In addition to embodying the functions of POP advertising in the use of decorative design elements such as colors, texts, and designs, it must also satisfy the functions of displaying goods, conveying information, and selling merchandise, as well as having to have individualized modeling and structural design.

Therefore, as one of the orientations for the development of corrugated board extension products, corrugated display stands make full use of the unique advantages of corrugated board to meet the use of alternatives or to improve the use of alternatives, creating a superior price/performance ratio to win customers. .

The use of corrugated display stands prevailed in Europe and America in the early days and is widely used in food, daily chemical, household appliances, alcoholic beverages and other industries. The International Association of POP Associations has a history of more than 30 years. There are branches and branches in many regions of the world, but in Asia, there are currently branches in India. Many packaging companies in Europe and America believe that the use of corrugated display stands can improve the company's technological level and the company's sales capabilities, thus using a large number of users and manufacturers.

In Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries, with the rapid economic development, especially the increasing demand for environmental protection, corrugated cardboard display racks are gradually replacing other types of POP display racks, and are widely used in the terminal sales market. This is because: Europe and the United States Consumers have less trust in television advertising.

The cost of human resources in foreign countries is very high. They rarely hire salespersons to carry out product promotion activities in supermarkets. They are more willing to allow display racks to be advertised as sports carriers to serve as silent salesmen, allowing consumers to pass their own judgments rather than come from. Outsiders indoctrinate to choose their goods.

Developed countries in Europe and America have a strong awareness of environmental protection, and the corrugated display stands are environmentally friendly products. The use of corrugated display stands is conducive to the regeneration and recycling of resources, and is therefore highly favored by consumers. At the same time, the government will give certain policy inclinations for the use of environmental protection and energy-saving products, such as financial subsidies, tax deductions, etc.

The World Cup held in Germany in 2006 drove the demand for display racks to a large extent. At that time, they were walking down the streets and alleys in Germany. They were all eye-catching about the World Cup's publicity display or merchandise display racks.