A Brief Description Of How To Maintain A Paper Shelf
Date : 2019-04-09

Paper shelves are made of paper, the first maintenance is moisture-proof, when the paper shelves will become soft and deformed after damp, this is the deadliest injury. Therefore, when placed on paper shelves can not rely on fresh area, it can not be placed near the air-conditioned place. Paper shelves damp, and should be promptly wiped dry, so as not to infiltrate into the paper.

The second paper shelf in the process of not overloading. Paper shelves have its largest ride, in its design has been doomed, so do not force the load in the course of use, to avoid deformation, rupture and so on.

The third paper shelf in the course of the prohibition of placing ultra-wide and super-wide merchandise, which will result in a certain degree of damage to the paper shelf, the product size is also designed by the time has been set.