Paper Shelves In The Form And Function Of The Terminal
Date : 2019-04-10

Paper shelves are the most important props for displaying goods in commerce and also form the main framework for the visualization of commercial space. Different products to be expressed through different methods, there must be different performance of the paper shelves, such as cosmetics, paper shelves, food paper shelves are not the same style, colorful performance of paper shelves cosmetics, the atmosphere, food paper shelves quite warm and warm Color, clean and tidy as the main style.

No matter what goods to show, but shopping malls paperboard design and manufacturing advantages and disadvantages, will directly affect the sales of goods and corporate brand image. In recent years, paper shelves in the design, manufacture have made greater development and progress, mainly in the market competition has become more mature, companies pay more attention to shaping the brand image of the results. However, looking at the design and manufacture of showcase items in department stores or shopping centers are quite different from international standards. The main reason is the lack of overall planning design of paper shelves and put forward specialization requirements. This problem is due to the detailed directives of our country's professional commercial design firms and the shortage of specialized personnel as well as the shortage of design firms in the business decoration of commercial enterprises. Therefore, the mall decoration planning and showcase design on the simulation component more, and design companies on the mall's operation, management, marketing, internal demand, but also the lack of system of professional understanding and discussion.